I am a SAHM and have two kids. I met my husband and we decided on an adventure and that brought us to New Zealand.I have always been ‘arty’ and love anything crafty – be it building a Playhouse for the kids, painting, sculpting or sewing up a storm – I love it all. After having the kids so close in age (15months apart – eek) I gave up work and starting creating and making things for my babies just as a hobby. I received such amazing compliments and feedback from family and friends and now with the kids getting bigger and being ‘slightly’ less demanding of my time and of course the wonders of Kindy – Perfect Poppet was born online in November 2013.  I came up with my business name of Perfect Poppet because I call my babies Poppet and of cause they are Perfect !!


I make bibs, cuddles, teethers, original crochet teethers and specialise in Leather Moccasins and shoes.My teething products are special and unique because I only use NZ Wood for my teething rings and they are NZ Toy Safety Standard.


I started making moccasins for my children because I struggled to find affordable soft soled Natural Material shoes that I felt happy letting my kids wear. 

My original Poppet designs have been developed over a number of years and I now make six styles ranging from the ‘Poppet Original Moccasin’ made out of denim and leather to the new ‘Poppet YeeHaw’ Boot. I get bored easily and so I like to mix it up and love designing my moccas with different colours, fringes, or shapes. I very rarely make two the same!


I sew all my shoes on an Industrial machine which has been specially designed to only sew leather shoes. Sewing my shoes with this machine ensures my shoes are of the highest quality and sure to last.All my crochet teethers/rattles are one offs!! I pick up my crochet needle and off I go with an idea. I do not follow patterns and I haven’t seen anything like my creations anywhere else!

I hope you enjoy my products as much as I enjoy designing, creating and making  them.

I have to say a huge thank you to my wonderful husband. He has had to cope with being turfed out of the study, the lounge being taken over by my designs and creations, my 2am sewing missions and of course me disappearing off to weekend markets to sell my goodies. Without your support my darling I could not build my dream business. Thank you so much.  Rebecca xxx